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In 2014, the Texas Council on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders launched the inaugural Investigator Grant Program for the Texas Alzheimer’s Research and Care Consortium (TARCC), as part of the state-funded Darrell K Royal Texas Alzheimer’s Initiative. This grant program provided financial support to Texas researchers to promote novel research and discovery towards understanding biological mechanisms, improving diagnosis, and developing therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.

Since 2007 a four (4) member External Advisory Committee comprised of out-of-state distinguished, nationally prominent research scientists and medical doctors, led by Dr. Ron Petersen at Mayo Clinic, have regularly met with Steering Committee and Council representatives to conduct a detailed review of all TARCC scientific activities and grant awards to assure that the investments made by the Texas Legislature are advancing the best science of AD research.

In 2018, with a mature database of 3,670 cases accumulated by TARCC investigators across the state, the Council approved a transition from a cohort surveillance model to a grants-based program. The TARCC Investigator Grants Program aims to support the best science in the state while enhancing TARCC cohort data utilization and scientific productivity.

2019 Fellowship Grants

Recipient Grant Title
Kelly Dineley, PhD Training Fellowship in Aging and AD Research and Care
Robin Hilsabeck, PhD Neuropsychology Fellowship Program
Laura Lacritz, PhD Neuropsychology of Dementia Fellowship

2018 Investigator Initiated Grants

Recipient Grant Title
John Hart, Jr, MD Longitudinal Continuation of TARCC Hispanic Cohort (Collaborative Multi-Site Award)
Marcia Ory, PhD Assessing the utility and effectiveness of monitoring technology for reducing caregiver burden for Alzheimer’s Disease (Collaborative Multi-Site Award)
Robert Barber, PhD Epigenetic risk factors for age at onset of Alzheimer’s & MCI and metabolic dysfunction among non-Caribbean Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites
Hugo Bellen, DVM, PhD Probing the role of glial endocytic genes and ROS on AB42-induced neurotoxicity
Dwight German, PhD Blood biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease & disease progression: Phospholipids
Rakez Kayed, PhD Multi target combinatory therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
Alicia Parker, MD Diastolic dysfunction and the development of dementia

2018 Junior Investigator Grants

Recipient Grant Title
Mitzi Gonzales, PhD Establishing novel blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in the Texas Alzheimer’s Research and Care Consortium
Ryan Huebinger, PhD Immune profile investigations of Alzheimer’s Disease
Ines Moreno-Gonzalez, PhD Stem cell-derived anti-inflammatory treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
Trung Nguyen, MD, PhD Tau seeding and strain identification across the spectrum of Alzheimer’s Disease and Lewy Body pathology
Sandra Pritzkow, PhD Development of a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
Sangram Raut, PhD Brain targeted RNAi therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

2014 Pilot Grants

Recipient Grant Title
Ren-Qi Huang, PhD Neuroprotection of nonfeminizing estrogens against cognitive deficits of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Steven Patrie, PhD Computational tools for molecular proteotyping: A unique approach to Alzheimer’s disease biomarker discovery.
Anson Pierce, PhD Does HSF1 over-expression enhance the proteostasis of TDP-43?
Paul C. Trippier, PhD Identification of Aß-ABAD Interaction Inhibitors for Evaluation as Small Molecule.
Akihiko Urayama, PhD Effect of Youthful Systemic Milieu on Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology.

2014 Established Investigator Grants

Recipient Grant Title
Xiangrong Shi, PhD Intermittent Hypoxia – novel intervention for treatment of mild cognitive impairment.
Huda Zoghbi, MD A cross-species genetic screen to identify targets that regulate the steady state levels of tau.